Try this exercise out. Forget all that you know, forget what has happened in your life, your experiences, your relationships, even your birth. Everything is a blank space. Make sure you have a paper and a writing utensil nearby. Pretend that now you are the one who writes your fate. Everything that you decide to put on that page is how your life is going to turn out. You are now the author. Now write your story the way you want it. You feel more in control of your life, that you have the power to choose anything. You are the god/goddess of your world. Look at your handy work. You’ve created a new world. That world is now appearing in your world right now. Congratulations, my friend. You just manifested your ideal life





So the law of attraction is very simple. Just feel good and good will come to you. It can’t help it, it has to give you what you feel. You should also watch what influences you, even the stuff you write; say; and think, because your mind will mimic those feelings. You can’t help that. The law of attraction is at constant work in your life. You don’t even have to try. Just yesterday, I was thinking about my favorite color combination of blue and yellow and today I see a guy walking by with a blue shirt and yellow tie, a woman with a blue and yellow dress, Goldstate Warriors, etc…It works you just become aware of it when you figure out what the law is. But what if you want to manifest something specific? Well, that’s even easier. Follow me.

So about the million dollars. Well, let’s start small. Reason: It’s too big a wish and for beginners this will be hard to manifest because it’s hard to envision a million dollars coming into their life. So like any task you become good at, let’s start simple. Let’s try five dollars. It’s easy to believe five dollars to come into your life.


Look closely at the five dollar bill. You don’t want this five dollar bill. You don’t need this five dollar bill. This five dollar bill is already in your life. It may be in your wallet, your purse, your pocket, maybe your desk at work, wherever. It’s in your life, you have it. You know you have it. What would you do with this five dollar bill? Buy candy? Maybe a drink? A hug? Maybe invest it to make more money with it? It’s your five dollar bill. Do with it as you please. Now that you have your five dollar bill, go enjoy yourself. Go outside and play, play some video games, go about your life as you please as long you enjoy yourself doing what you like to do.




So, the law of attraction is actually quite easy. Feel good and boom! Things start going your way, but here’s something that may help or hinder the process. Listen, what you watch, what you listen to for music, what you play as games, what you say and even write affects your manifestation. So, and I can’t emphasize this enough, watch what you are doing. Don’t watch scary movies or angsty shows or read constantly about how miserable someone else’s life is because that is what you are going to bring in your life. The law of attraction is trigger happy. So to offset the negativity, watch things that make you laugh, touches your heart, and inspires and motivates you. It would also help to buy a little notebook and jot down some positive things and as a bonus say aloud and to others positive things. Trust me on this. This will affect your mood for the better and you will get results. So now you know the truth. You are all beautiful. Thank you.



What you FEEL NOW, IS what you're going to ATTACT!

If you want a shortcut to the law of attraction and get what you want, here it is and it is so simple you would want to smack yourself on the head for not thinking about it in the first place. It’s not just visualizing, writing anything down, or trying to think positive. It is very, very simple: Do whatever it takes to feel good. That’s all. Feel good and everything will follow. Feel happy, feel positive, and feel positive. That is all you need to know. Don’t know how? Stop for a second and think about what made you feel pleasure, think about it constantly, do things related to that positive feeling and everything will follow. Just gotta raise that vibration y’know.




If you want to be successful, then you have to develop the successful mindset. You have to believe you’re going to be successful. You have to think about success all the time. Success will be brought to you, and it comes naturally. You breed successful thoughts all the time. Your house becomes a large mansion as you envisioned it, and your bank account grows with every passing second. That my friend is the Law of Attraction. Here are some more from

I expect to be successful in all of my endeavors. Success is my natural state.

I easily find solutions to challenges and roadblocks and move past them quickly.

Mistakes and setbacks are stepping stones to my success because I learn from them.

Every day in every way, I am becoming more and more successful.

I feel successful with my life right now, even as I work toward future success.

I know exactly what I need to do to achieve success.

I see fear as the fuel for my success and take bold action in spite of fear.

I feel powerful, capable, confident, energetic, and on top of the world.

I have an intention for success and know it is a reality awaiting my arrival.

I have now reached my goal of _______ and feel the excitement of my achievement.

Today I am successful. Tomorrow I will be successful. Every day I am successful.




Picture this: Your are a super powerful magnet and the things in life, good and bad, are magnets as well. Now when your thoughts focus on one of those things, you change frequencies, and what is good or bad is then attracted to you. Now you could always change frequencies and we often do, but people have a hard time doing this often because they get too discouraged by their current situations and habitual mindsets. So there are some habits that need to be broken and established.

  1. I can’t stress this enough, but think positive: Listen, it’s easy to start doing this, but then go back to the negative thought process in a quick moment. So what is clear is that you must notice your thought process and think positive even if you don’t feel like being positive. Think about positive long enough and your emotions will come with it. Tip: Think about something that last made you happy to set the mood.
  2. Be clear, but know that good things also come to the vague: Look, if you want something specific, you have to be clear about it. Say for example, you want a new car, picture what type of car you like, the color, the inside, extra cup holders, etc…Even if you don’t have anything in mind just being positive brings about good things to you. You’re a magnet for good fortune.
  3. Use some affirmations to brainwash yourself: Look, some of us need some help retraining our mindsets. No problem there. We picked up a lot of bad habits over the years. Our life is full of negativity trying to creep down our throats. We got to the point that we’d believe nothing good would ever happen without a price. So try to reprogram your mind with a different mindset. Take out whatever you make words with and write down stuff like “I am abundant”, “I am happy”, “I have all that I could ever want”. Hey, some YouTubers even put some online. Here’s a link to one of them:
  4. You use the right wording: When people think about the Law of Attraction to get what they want, they start thinking and saying “I want this and that” you know what that does? Bring situations in which you want those things. The Law of Attraction is very specific about those things. Try “I am and I have” instead.
  5. Do something: What happens when you separate two magnets far enough, they don’t attract. You need to push them closer together. So that means you could use all the affirmations you’d like, but unless you change your patterns, don’t expect changes. The Law of Attraction doesn’t get specific about how it’s going to bring you something, but if you take action, you will somehow find what you were looking for.




  1. You’re complaining and blaming: Look, it’s easy to point your fingers at somebody and say they’re the reason why everything you had coming to you is sucky, and it’s easier to complain. “It’s my boss’s fault that I didn’t get that promotion.”, ‘My life stinks and there’s nothing I could do about.” “Donald Trump is to blame for all my troubles.” (whether the last part is true is up for debate). But really, guys, read what I had just written. It takes a lot out of you, doesn’t it? See, that’s why I don’t watch the news. I want my day to start  off on a good note, and it’s hard to do that when I see a headline that fifty people are injured due to a bomb or something. Look, there are some things in life you need to know. One of those things is that life is short, so instead of talking about how unfair it all is, do something about it or die. Your choice. A lot of successful people did not start off with everything, but they kept the mindset that is positive and that enabled them to achieve their goals. So the next time you ever think of blaming and complaining, catch yourself and start thinking about positive solutions. Look and feel how these thoughts work: “You are successful.” “You have the power to make life meaningful.” “The world is in the palm of my hands.” Those thoughts are empowering so say them repeatedly. These thoughts attract great things, so stop wasting time and get into the habit.
  2. You repeat the same habits over and over: Listen this is a no brainer. If you’re doing the same things over and over again then nothing will change. Ever watch a TV show over and over again that you like, only for it to get real old fast. That my friend is your life. You’ve been brainwashed my friend into believing that you need to do the same things time and time again to have structure, but maybe structure isn’t what you need. What’s the solution? Dude! Mix. It. Up. Life is an action pack movie blockbuster. Ask yourself does Sean Connery stay awesome by doing the same stint? Do great TV shows run the same plot over and over again? No, they bring a different episode out to keep you invested.
  3. You don’t wanna hear this, but everything you know is wrong: What were you taught growing up? Grow up, get an education, get a job, stay at that job, profit. No, no, NO!!!! That’s not how life works. For one, getting an education teaches you how to do subjects, subjects you could probably learn better on your own. Guess what it hardly teaches you: how to actually get a job. They don’t tell you that you need experience for jobs, which is a double bind for millennials these days, they don’t teach you that working hard is not enough to get a promotion or that you have to network; they don’t tell you that working 9 to 5 is more a waste of time than anything and by the end of it all, you would still be a broke loser. Look and listen, read about how successful people got they way they are. It is not the model we were bombarded with they used to get where they are, and it’s hardly luck as much as belief and getting the right people around them to succeed. Change how you think life should work, and go out and make it work.
  4. You’re hanging out with the wrong crowd: Look, listen, and feel. The people around you, they have an influence on what you do. Successful people hang out with guess what? Successful people. Losers hang out with losers. See what I’m getting at. Now your personal group may not be all that bad, but if they have no ambition, always complain, and oh dear God are not accomplishing any goals, I’m sorry they’re not good for you. If you want to get somewhere in life, find people who are accomplishing something. Read constantly about successful people, get inspired, and go to work.
  5. YOU ARE NOT TAKING ANY ACTION: Look, listen, feel, and do something! If you’re sitting on the couch, eating potato chips, reading about why your life sucks, then you have your answer to your problems. Successful people do something. Don’t have an ambition, go find one. Have a dream you want to achieve, find some way to accomplish it. Read about ways on how to be successful and GO DO THEM! Don’t be life’s little female dog. Be a champion!