ONE PIECE REVIEW: No Way Out – Admiral Fujitora’s Ruthless Pursuit!


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Holy crap! I mean, just holy crap! This episode drop so many bombs that I could barely keep my hands to the keys. Welcome to my One Piece review.

Okay, granted it’s just an episode where the Luffy and crew is escaping Fujitora’s wrath, and despite having ships ready to sail, they’re pretty much dead to rights. I like how Fujitora rationalizes this as a mercy killing. Luffy had already ticked off Big Mom at Fishman Island and with the defeat of Donquixote Doflamingo, he’d surely have Emperor Kaido after him as well. He implies that what they’ll do is far worse. He also appreciated Luffy’s sympathy about his blindness, but he reveals that he blinded himself. He claims he did it because he’s seen things he shouldn’t. Okay, now I’m curious. What did he see that was so bad? Better question. Do I want to know? I mean, I can barely sleep without the TV on at night. What he does next is what endears me to him. When he, well senses is the better word, sees the people chasing Luffy, he holds his fire and tries to tell them to go back as he’s got it covered and still stays his hand when he overhears that they’re trying to save Luffy from him while at the same time pretending to hate him (though it doesn’t help that you revealed this information over the intercom, announcement guy!). That is big. Had we’d be talking about Akainu, or Kizaru here, those people would be dead right now, but he chuckles and actually wished to see what Luffy looked like, knowing it’d be a kind face. Oh, and during those people’s conversation, it’s revealed that they knew Kyros was Rebecca’s father all along, and had for sixteen years, and they still respected that! So there’s no stigma for Rebecca and Kyros to be together as a family.

And here’s the biggest bomb of all. All the gladiators of the stadium had banded together and offers Luffy to become his ally. In other words: a grand fleet. That’s big. That’s an emperor level of power. 9/10.


ONE PIECE REVIEW: Men’s Pride – Luffy vs. Fujitora, Head-to-Head


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Oh, Luffy. What have you gotten into this time? What’s up guys, I’m here for another One Piece review. This time taking place…a little after the Dressrosa. So this one is short and epic. Luffy vs another admiral. And you know what? He’s actually putting up a good fight this time. Granted this is after a two year time skip where Luffy has beefed up considerably, and this admiral is not a Logia (an intangible blob of an element)…and he’s blind, but Fujitora is no pushover, something that he points out to Luffy when he’s calling out his attacks so that it’ll be a fair fight. Thanks to Haki (think a little like those energy techniques used in Dragon Ball Z) he can see just fine thank you. And his gravity powers are seriously broken. He managed to lift an entire city in order to crush the escaping pirates. If you know Luffy’s track record with admirals (it’s actually lampshaded in a flashback when his crew got separated), it’s usually a beat down waiting to happen, and while it ultimately does, Luffy manages to combat him effectively. Oh, and by the way, Luffy actually likes this admiral and that’s why he’s announcing his attacks to the blind samurai. Naturally, he finds this foolish, and unleashed his broken attack, which…is like an acid trip. Gotta get me that fruit. I mean, no! No! You didn’t hear me say. Uh…8/10. I gotta go and make sure that the police isn’t onto me.




So, the law of attraction is actually quite easy. Feel good and boom! Things start going your way, but here’s something that may help or hinder the process. Listen, what you watch, what you listen to for music, what you play as games, what you say and even write affects your manifestation. So, and I can’t emphasize this enough, watch what you are doing. Don’t watch scary movies or angsty shows or read constantly about how miserable someone else’s life is because that is what you are going to bring in your life. The law of attraction is trigger happy. So to offset the negativity, watch things that make you laugh, touches your heart, and inspires and motivates you. It would also help to buy a little notebook and jot down some positive things and as a bonus say aloud and to others positive things. Trust me on this. This will affect your mood for the better and you will get results. So now you know the truth. You are all beautiful. Thank you.




The idiot hero is possibly the most annoying trope anyone can use in fiction. The idiot hero is incompetent, they are always in the way, they cause more problems than they solve, and overall the story would be better without ’em. They’re just there for a cheap laugh. Personally, this trope can be substituted with a book dumb character, a character with some intelligence, but just isn’t educated. But then I was introduced to Monkey D. Luffy, and you’d think people would be annoyed with his antics, his crew thinks so, but he’s actually very beloved by the fan base, by other characters, and even by former enemies. His ability to be beloved is stated by the World’s Greatest Swordsman, Dracule Mihawk, to be his greatest weapon. So what gives? Why does the idiot hero trope work for Luffy and not for others. After some deliberation, I had come up with a few reasons.

  1. The World of One Piece: 1378663404-one-piece-punk-hazard-1024x720 One Piece is a bizarre world where exaggerations and weirdness abounds, and every character has his/her quirk. There are fruits that give people strange powers, stuff that defies all logic like sky islands, sea worlds, birds whose heads are always pointed south, etc…There are also people whose average height are between ten to twenty feet. Because of the bizarro world, which provides whimsy, and One Piece’s willingness to actually dive into why they are that way allowing people to draw their own conclusions until they are revealed, people don’t even notice how strange and annoying Luffy’s lack of intelligence is, especially when there are pirate captains whose habits are stranger.
  2. Audience perspective: One Piece is marketed to young boys and its whole different world compared to our own, so Luffy’s idiocy brings his curiosity to delve into how the world works and the conspiracies that may be behind them, bringing out many an amazing arc.
  3. Luffy’s heart is in the right place and believe it or not, he’s actually pretty competent: What makes Luffy beloved is not his intelligence. We all met intelligent jerkholes in our lives, but Luffy’s ability to care for others and go to heck and back to save them or punch out the jerks who even so much as made them cry endears us to him. We have at some points in our lives bullies, abusive spouses, abusive parents that devalue our worth and says repeatedly that no one cares for you. Characters like Luffy shows that it is possible or makes it easier for the people who makes an effort to know and care about you to be let in instead of just assuming every person will abandon you. D4Bq2hyAlso, Luffy is actually pretty competent as a captain. He allows no one to stop him from his goal from being the Pirate King so he’s the most determined, the best fighter, actually knows how to use his powers, and can determine an enemy’s weakness. So he has skills in some places.
  4. It allows for some reality checks: During the Paramount Arc, Luffy’s idiot tendencies got deconstructed. Usually,  Luffy does something stupid and the crew gets roped into another adventure, but when something got too hot for him to handle it ends in disaster. We’re all used to seeing Luffy triumph, so we felt elated when he finally punches a Celestial Dragon, spoiled brats who steps upon others because they descended from the World’s founders.

hwufha However, this costs him big when an admiral shows up with more powerful enemies than Luffy, Luffy was defeated and for a time, he thought his crew was dead. It doesn’t end there. At Impel Down, his antics started an even bigger mess when he almost died facing Magellan, a poison man, and started a prison riot where the most dangerous pirates in the world are unleashed and threaten the world’s security. This sets the tone that the One Piece world is based in reality and that the consequences are real.

5. His crew’s competency: In anime like Dragon Ball Z, the world falls apart because of Goku being dead and he’s always the one to save the day and other characters are considered wasted potential. One Piece doesn’t play that.  Without his crew, Luffy cannot accomplish anything. This even gets pointed out by him when facing the shark man, Arlong. When Usopp was feeling useless as was pointed out by the fan base and thought to be reduced to Krillin status, Sanji, the cook, points out that they have roles and they must play them in order to accomplish any goal, and it ended up being Usopp who saved Robin and even Luffy at Enies Lobby. That was beautiful and what makes One Piece more likeable to some than DBZ.

So there you have it. This is why I believe the idiot hero works for Luffy. Leave your interpretations in the comments if you would.