Here’s a little excerpt from my short novel:

So, there I was. Drowning in a pool of blood. Bodies piled around me. Some Eco-corp agents and my grandfather running off with the briefcase we fought so hard to find. I guess I could chalk this up as my last great failure, but then I would be getting ahead of myself.

It actually started like any other day. Coming home after a long day of school, backpacks filled to the brim with assignments that need to be finished, Fleana trying to talk Kat into changing our principal’s mind so that we could a few days off. You know the usual. Well, except for the manhunt being broadcasted on TV for all psionic people.

And you’re sure these people are all really that dangerous?” The news reporter inquired.

The video camera cut to an eighty year old man with his fingers. He seemed sophisticated enough, but I knew he was just the face for my grandfather. “Lindsay I gotta lay with you. These people must be contained. They’re just too unstable.”

Uh-oh.” Aurora gripped his newspaper.

Take a look at these four.” The screen produced a pretty unflattering picture of my friends and me. “They seem harmless enough, but in less than four months, they had nearly vaporized one of patients, brutally stepped on one of our executives, unleashed a dangerous patient after contacting us for help, and damaged most of our containment unit after refusing to give said patient up even when asked to cooperate.”

Why are you looking at me like that?” Fleana of course directed her comment at my brother whose eyes trained on her face.

I wondering if he has point.” He commented.

Suck wind!”

Be that as it may.” Aurora stated. “This is getting a little serious. Maybe we outta skip town for a bit. Y’know until the heat dials down.”

…Ecosystems Corporation is offering a two million dollar reward for the capture of these children. I can’t blame them for their actions, but if we cannot contain them. I fear the worst.”

Panic coursed through my veins. You’d have to a fool not to turn us in for that.

I clapped my hands together. “Welp. Time to go. No need to pack. Let’s just–”

A fist pounded on the door. “Hey, uh, children? You want some, uh, candy?”

Susan rolled eyes and walked over to the door. She put a finger between her lips and opens the door. Out came Ralph with his tongue drooping toward his chest and a bag in his left hand. Susan knocked him out with a well placed chop to the neck.

She shook her head. “What an idiot.”

Yes, well,” Cloud could hardly keep her eyes off Ralph’s flinching body. “you might have to leave without us. We’ll just slow you down. We’ll hold them off and see if we can get the crowd to calm down. You don’t have a problem with this, right?”

Fleana snorted. “Mom please. After all the stuff we’ve been through, getting out of the city will be easy.”

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