Thoughts that are disquieting

Thoughts that are disturbing

Thoughts that I’m not a poet

Why am I writing thee?

It is to find the Answer

The Answer that seems out of reach

The Answer that lies on the tip of my tongue but has yet to reach my palette

The Answer that I just can’t seem to find

It is the answer…




Some people are morning people, some people are day people, me, personally, I’m a mid-evening to night person. It’s just that something about night that makes it seem peaceful. I mean at night, you could let go of all that stuffiness that you build up during the day just to appear decent to society. I feel that at night, people could really be their true selves. I realized during my times of self reflection that I love to be outrageous at times and that reading is much easier without having my mom wanting me to do something, my dad wanting me to do something, my sister wanting to tell a funny joke over and over again. It also made me realize just how much of a stiff I’ve been during the day, how proper that I have to act just because of a fear of how others would judge me. At night, there is no such restriction, no judgments just acceptance and carefreeness. Nobody really cares how you act or if you were ever there to begin with, and that’s the beauty of it. Plus, I really, really hate mornings. Bye.



Some authors keep a journal of some kind that details stories that they like to keep secret. Admittedly I’m one of those people, but recently I’ve been pondering. Do they always have to be kept secret? Forever? Now I know most of those authors would say “Yes, that’s the point of them being secret”, but my mind doesn’t process that way. My secret stories just don’t always want to be kept secret. They want to be heard, and for a while I just shut them out. Now it’s got to the point where I can’t keep them under wraps anymore, so I decided to publish a few entries. My recent entry, Journal Entry #2, was one of those. Yep, that entry was one of the many entries detailing the messed up activity that goes on in my mind from time to time. Now, I find myself questioning my decision like I do with all my decisions. Except this is more serious as my secret stories has evolved into its own book series. Maybe it’s just a writers thing. While I question whether or not showing my secret stories was a good move, I’m glad I did. It made me feel comfortable in my own skin. This is who I am, what I think, my flaws, and my improvement of those flaws, and I am not ashamed. Besides, it’s not like haven’t kept some secret stories to myself. So do whatever you want with your stories. Be either keeping them secret or when you feel that you’re okay with it enough to reveal it to others. Either choice would make you feel better because no matter what it’s your stories. It’s a part of you and no one could take that away from you.